Hair loss is one of the most widely recognized and traumatic side effects of cancer treatment.

Hair loss can have severe negative effects on people undergoing chemotherapy treatment, with 8% of potential patients refusing, avoiding or dose-reducing their treatment due to their fear of hair loss. Millions of patients worldwide are affected by chemotherapy induced hair loss annually, making now the time to act.


Luminate Medical recognises that hair is an essential element of personality and self-esteem, and is dedicated to using the latest advances in medical technology to protect this. We believe that no patient should have to compromise their identity to get the best available medical treatment.

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Chemotherapy use is set to grow by 50% by 2040.

As oncology continues to be a major driver of growth in medical technology, chemotherapy use is projected to continue to grow by 50% in the next two decades, remaining a mainstay of cancer treatment. This means even more patients dealing with severe adverse events such as hair loss, neuropathy and infertility risks.

Patients, clinicians, and families continue to campaign for a better solution to the side effects of cancer treatment. Our mission is to revolutionize the patient experience of medicine using an advanced technical approach.

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Luminate Medical has developed a new technology to revolutionize the patient experience of medicine.

In collaboration with the Translational Medical Device Lab at the National University of Ireland Galway, our team has developed a novel therapeutic approach to the treatment of hair loss caused by chemotherapy. Using this technology, we're proud to be developing LILY - the world's first portable, comfortable, and effective treatment for chemotherapy induced hair loss.

We're continuing to build our core product and technology pipeline at a rapid pace. Want to build the future of cancer treatment? Visit our Careers page to find out more about opportunities to join the Luminate Medical team.