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We partner with leading clinicians, researchers and providers to help cancer patients everywhere while improving your practice.


Join our mission to help cancer patients

Our team at Luminate is developing new technology aimed at improving quality of life for cancer patients. Our Lily technology for hair loss is currently in clinical trials. Participate in our research aimed at bringing important benefits to patients and to your practice. 


Hir los
Periphera Neuo

Collaborate in active clinical and pre-clinical research

Active Clinical Trials in Hair Loss

Clinical Need & Technology

47% of patients consider hair loss the most traumatic aspect of treatment. Our Lily technology uses a novel compression therapy approach to reduce drug delivery to the hair follicles.

Benefits for Providers

The Lily technology is aimed to be portable with the intent of reducing patient time in the clinic.

Clinical Research

Active clinical trials in Europe. Currently selecting clinical sites in the United States. Not approved for commercial use or sale.

Clinical Trials in Peripheral Neuropathy

Clinical Need & Technology

Many chemotherapy patients experience CIPN during or after their treatment. Luminate's Lilac technology aims to reduce the onset  CIPN.

Benefits for Providers

Our technology aims to reduce the incidence and severity of CIPN.

Clinical Research

Proof of concept development ongoing. Identifying suitable research partners in the United States and Europe. Not approved for commercial use or sale.

Join our clinical research in fertility, menopause, and vascular access

We're continuing to invest in tackling new needs in cancer care, with research focus areas in fertility preservation, early onset menopause, and improving vascular access for oncology patients. Contact us to get involved.

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Clinial Research

Participate in our clinical research

We're delighted to partner with leading physicians and researchers around the world in our mission to enable patients to take control of cancer treatment. Join our clinical research network and you can play a key role in developing new technology to help cancer patients everywhere.

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