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Investors: Clinical Data

This page allows prospective investors to access Luminate's data room. Information on this page pertains to technologies in clinical trials that are not commercially available and have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Demonstrating chemo without hair loss is possible

Hair loss is the most traumatic side effect of cancer treatment. Lily is a therapy in development that is intended to prevent hair loss caused by chemotherapy using a novel treatment modality. Our initial data shows that Lily can prevent hair loss through multiple cycles of chemotherapy treatment, while control patients experience 100% hair loss. To see the full dataset, enter investor credentials below.

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Preventing peripheral neuropathy: the #1 cause of discontinuation for new-wave anti-body drug conjugates

Lilac is an early clinical stage therapy intended to prevent peripheral neuropathy caused by chemotherapy and anti-body drug conjugates using the same treatment modality as Lily. Initial independent investigator-led studies of the Lilac treatment parameters have shown >90% of patients experiencing a reduction in CIPN symptoms when treated. To see the full dataset, enter investor credentials below.

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