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We help patients to live better through and after cancer.

Luminate is a clinical-stage healthcare technology company developing devices that control and prevent the side effects of cancer treatment.


We're on a mission to empower 10 million people to take control of their cancer treatment.

At Luminate, we've built a new way to prevent off-target drug delivery. This means we can build the products that will help millions of people with cancer to control and prevent treatment side effects like hair loss, neuropathy, and infertility.



We provide solutions across the spectrum of cancer side effects.

Lily: Portable, Comfortable Hair Preservation

Hair loss is one of the most difficult aspects of cancer treatment. Luminate's Lily device enables patients to maintain their confidence and personality even during chemotherapy treatment. Lily is a wearable, portable, and comfortable cap that protects the hair follicles from off-target drug delivery using a patent-pending treatment method. 

Lilac Peripheral Neuropathy Device

Lilac is an innovative wearable device designed to prevent the onset of peripheral nerve damage, which can affect up to 68% of all chemotherapy patients.

Pipeline: Fertility, Menopause and Urinary

Early onset menopause and post-treatment fertility issues create a huge burden for cancer patients seeking the best care. We're building Lavender, an intrauterine device aiming to protect fertility and prolong quality of life for women undergoing cancer treatment.

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We build powerful healthcare technology with a commitment to being people first.

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Shape the face of cancer treatment with a career at Luminate.

We design and build products that empower cancer patients. If you're a creative problem-solver, apply for one of our open roles.

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