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Side effects are the #1 cause of cancer treatment withdrawal

Peripheral nerve damage (neuropathy) is the leading reason for cessation of cancer treatment using anti-body drug conjugates and commonly used chemotherapy regimens. Our therapy aims to prevent the onset of neuropathy and help patients stay on treatment.

of patients in anti-body drug conjugate trials are withdrawn due to peripheral neuropathy



And cause the most traumatic part of cancer for patients

The majority of cancer patients consider hair loss the most traumatic aspect of cancer treatment. Our Lily therapy aims to prevent hair loss from occuring at any stage during cancer care.


While costing 6 times as much as cancer therapeutics

Medicare spends $146B on treatment services and survivorship, compared to $26B on the cost of therapeutics for treating cancer

So we build technologies that enable cancer treatment to be delivered at home

We aim to transform the physical experience of cancer care by building the technology to enable with current and future generations of cancer treatment to be delivered from the patient's home.

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Our mission is simple:
Therapeutics treat cancer.
We take care of
people with cancer.

Our team of experts in oncology is dedicated to helping millions of people with cancer to control or reduce treatment side effects like hair loss, neuropathy, and infertility. 



We aim to provide solutions across the spectrum of cancer side effects.

Lily: Preventing the most feared side effect of cancer treatment - hair loss.

Hair loss is one of the most difficult aspects of cancer treatment. Our aim is to build technology that enables patients to reduce their risk of hair loss in a portable way - meaning less time spent in the infusion chair.

Lilac: Impacting the #1 source of ADC and chemo discontinuation.

Peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common side effects of anti-cancer treatment, and is the single biggest cause of treatment discontinuation for next-wave ADC therapeutics. Our technology aims to reduce the the onset of peripheral nerve damage in patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. 

Pipeline:  Changing the future of cancer care

We're researching conditions secondary to cancer care that impact patient quality of life - like lymphedema, early onset menopause and post-treatment fertility issues. 

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We design and build products that empower cancer patients. If you're a creative problem-solver, apply for one of our open roles.

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