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Luminate Medical Summer Intern Programme 2024

Build the tools for better cancer care this summer, with the Luminate Medical Intern Programme.

Closing Date Tuesday 12th March 2024

Our Intern Programme

What is the Luminate Medical Summer Intern Programme?

  • Fully paid summer internship with a fast paced start-up company.

  • Hands-on experience building products to improve quality of life for cancer patients.

  • Priority ranking for future graduate positions in the company.

So, what are you waiting for?

  • Develop your creative thinking and problem-solving skills while working as part of a highly driven and ambitious team.

  • Not only will you get hands-on engineering experience, but you will get to work alongside other functions including quality assurance, regulatory affairs, clinical and commercial.

Who can apply?

  • We’re looking for highly driven, talented students from design and engineering backgrounds, including but not limited to: product design, manufacturing engineering, biomedical engineering, electronic engineering, biotechnology, undenominated engineering.

Working at Luminate
Open Summer Internships 2024

We're looking for a Manufacturing Engineering Summer Intern to play a key role in our operations team this summer. You will contribute to our fast-moving and growing manufacturing and operations team. You will be working closely with R&D and quality assurance colleagues and you will contribute to the set-up of the assembly processes for our devices.

We're looking for an R&D Engineering Summer Intern to be part of our R&D team this summer. You will play a key role in our innovative product design and engineering team. You will be part of the team leading the usability and aesthetic design of consumer-facing medical devices for cancer patients and providing mechanical design input across the entire design cycle from early-stage innovation to market translation.

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